Artist Feature – Dean Mermill – Digital Video Editor and Filmmaker

Dean Mermell is a San Francisco-based digital video editor and filmmaker. He has been a contributing editor to industry magazines Digital Video and RES, has published numerous articles in many on line and print industry magazines and has been a columnist for

His award-winning silent films “Modern Life” and “Fine Dining” are homages to his hero Buster Keaton, and his documentary, “The Eye of Rudra,” has shown at many festivals and on public television. He has worked on many other award-winning documentaries as an editor and post-production supervisor.

His self-publishing a book on modern digital filmmaking for the intelligent beginner, A Digital Storyteller’s Handbook, is due out in Summer 2006. The book is an excellent resource for helping a beginner get started in digital video and new media creation. The book includes the most practical ways to get your story together so others will “get it” and how to produce a narrative, documentary, or information film. This book demystifies the process of how modern digital movies are made and shows you how to make your own.  He is also part of Story Farm

Screening Work by Dean Mermill at:





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