Artist Feature – Greta Schoenberg – Filmmaker/Choreographer

After early dance training in the San Francisco Bay Area, Greta Schoenberg earned a BFA in Ballet from the University of Utah and went on to dance in Europe with the Norwegian National Ballet, among others. After her return to San Francisco she danced with several contemporary companies and is now exploring her own choreography through dance film. Her work has been screened throughout the Bay Area,  including at Stanford University, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, The Roxie Cinema, Ninth Street Independent Film Center, Artists’ Television Access, The San Francisco Art Institute, Dance Mission, CounterPulse, Pirate Cat Radio, at several venues in Arizona, and in London at the London International Dance Film Festival.
Greta continues to study filmmaking and production through the San Francisco Film Society and has gained hands-on experience working continuity for award-winning dance filmmaker Pontus Lidberg on two films shot in Sweden (The Rain, 2006, and Labyrinth Within, which will premiere in 2011, starting New York City Ballet Principal Wendy Whelan).  After accompanying Mr. Lidberg on two visits to Vietnam, she assisted him in shooting a pilot for a future film with the Vietnam National Ballet.
Locally, her collaborations with videographer and  Motion Pictures’ Technical  Director Ben Estabrook have  yielded two new films, “Glimpses” (2009) and a 20-minute narrative, “The Nightingale”, which will premiere in 2011 at the San Francisco Dance Film Festival. Greta founded the annual festival in 2010 after several years presenting dance film events through her organization Motion Pictures.
Greta Schoenberg
Director, Motion Pictures &
San Francisco Dance Film Festival
San Francisco,  USA
Screening Work by Greta Schoenberg at:

Filmography  Glimpses (2009) Dance/Choreography   Greta Schoenberg Director of Photography   Ben Estabrook  Motion Pictures Screening Events 2009:             Fivepoints Arthouse                Artists’ Television Access            9th Street Independent Film Center            MAD BAD Performance & Film Festival               inFLUX:  Coconino Center for the Arts - AZ   Float (2009) a piece created during the REVIVE ’09 workshop  Production Advisor   Talal Al- Muhanna Director/ Choreographer   Greta Schoenberg Director of Photography   Ben Estabrook Cast and Crew: Workshop participants   REVIVE workshop screenings:      San Francisco Art Institute/ San Francisco Dance Center  Ricochet (2009) A film commissioned by Conder Dance, Phoenix Arizona Director: Greta Schoenberg
Director of Photography: Jessica Mumford
Choreographer: Carley Conder
Cast: CONDER/dance, 2009/2010
Composer: Lance Montgomery Filmed in Scottsdale, Arizona  Corridor (2007) Dance/Choreography   Jose Campos  Original Music    Max Miller-Loran  Screenings:     London International Dance Film Festival, 2007     Fivepoints Arthouse, Motion Pictures event, 2008     Roxie Cinema, Frozen Film Festival, 2008   Siren (2007) Dance/Choreography/Editing  Greta Schoenberg Filmed by Pontus Lidberg      Screenings:     London International Dance Film Festival, 2007     Fivepoints Arthouse, Motion Pictures event, 2008   Hopscotch (2006)   Featuring  Nol Simonse  Screenings:     London International Dance Film Festival, 2007     Dance Mission Theater, Project Agora, 2007     YBCA, Film Arts Foundation showcase, 2007     Fivepoints Arthouse, Motion Pictures event, 2008     Mission Underground Film Festival, 2008     YBCA, West Wave Dance Festival, 2008     Breaking Ground 2008, Tempe Center for the Arts - AZ      inFLUX:  Coconino Center for the Arts - AZ  Project Lullaby (2005)   Dancers: Tiekka Schofield, Grace Kraaijvanger,  Margaret Tappan (not formally released)   Ascent (2004) Featuring Kara Davis  Screenings:      Dance Mission, New Media Festival, 2004     Counter Pulse, Media in Performance, 2005     Ohlone College, Multimedia Festival, 2005      Supper Club, live dance installation, 2006     Fivepoints Arthouse, Motion Pictures event, 2008  Parts & Pieces (2004) Screenings:      Dance Mission’s New Media Festival, 2004.


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