Friday, October 20th – SF Songbird Festival at Chile Lindo Kitchen – Alexandra Rieloff Trio

Alexandra Rieloff Trio

Alexandra Rieloff Trio

Alexandra Rieloff is a multidisciplinary artist, who builds her career between SF &  NYC; her birthplace. Ms. Rieloff is an actor, filmmaker, choreographer and vocalist. She  has 4 decades of experience, both being in front and behind the camera. Alexandra was  composing music from the age of nine, and from a very early stage in her career, she  was a backup vocalist for a Brazilian band. Her father was a Jazz musician, so jazz  would be her choice of music when she resumed her singing career. 
Rob Bassinette is originally from New York. Mr. Bassinette journeyed from southern  California to San Francisco. His musical journey includes stints playing electric and  upright bass in many styles, from punk rock to musical theater and punk rock to jazz. An  in-demand bass player, we may hear him playing rock, folk, country and jazz in venues  throughout the Bay Area. With the ARQ, Rob anchors the bottom, creating the canvas.

Ed Corzo

Ed Corzo, is a professional Cuban musician from Havana, Cuba. Piano and clarinet player. Composer and Arranger.

He began musical studies with his father, Gregorio Corzo, a violinist from the Cuban National Symphony Orquestra. Ed was an independent guitar and piano student until the age of 21. Then, he decided to complete a formal education at Ignacio Cervantes Conservatorio, where he graduated as a Clarinetist. Around that time, he composed music for Cuban TV and served as musical director of the Conjunto Nacional de Espectaculos.

Ed Corzo had the opportunity to tour Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, and the US, where he explored musical roots and sonorities, and expanded his repertoire to a variety of music genres. Additionally, he has arranged and composed music for films, television, radio, and theater in those countries.

Today he is a Professor at Community Music Center (San Francisco), and a freelance performer for local and international bands.

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