Artist Feature – Lauren Cameron Klein

Lauren Cameron Klein is an artist and stylist. Full of surprises and loads of ideas…Big ideas

The piece for Saturday is about riffing on a theme. Its got loads of improvisation and deconstructed songs. I started with a few of my favorite melodies and musicians and built up the night around that. It’s definitely a Reflection.  It’s meant to describe the state of being Present and the state of “Spacing Out”  Both are real experiences, one is connected in, the other connected into.. something else…or disconnected, whichever you prefer. Lutra Lutra, woven in throughout the show, represents the in between, the passing, the coming and going of these states of mind. A-tonal thick piano, chaotic drums and wild horns are a force, as is a solitary voice. And there’s also Total Structure: “straight ahead”.

Sarah Palmer brings her brilliance, her sculpted sound. Pianists Nick Culp lends different sounds and sensibilities to the evening as well. Darren Johnston brings his drippy, falling down melodies on trumpet. Aaron Novik, his melodic, powerful, forward moving bass clarinet. Lutra Lutra (Lily Taylor, Nora Toomey, Stephanie Joy Harano, Sarah Palmer, Lauren Klein),  it’s dynamic sound, silken voices, and connected ears.

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