Wedsnesday 4/30 – Kotorino, The Bodice Rippers and Jessie Roadkill

Songbird Presents – A Lovely Evening at The Legionnaire Saloon

Kotorino East Bay4

Happy-town-kotorino-group-shotKotorino has one of the most unique and unusual sounds of any band, ever. Even in a music scene saturated with “chamber-pop” bands and odd instrumentation, Kotorino stands out with its use of all variety of winds, strings, and other musical gadgetry. The music itself is omnivorous in its source material, quite pretty, and downright haunting.

Some words from the band:

We love the West Coast! Besides the majestic beauty of the nature, and access to some of the best food imaginable, the people we on our last trip was amazing.

We were well taken care of by the warm and inviting people we came in contact with, we even gained a tuba player / pastry chef in San Francisco!

Kotorino is excited to share our own take on the music swirling around New York, from tilted tangos to banjo dub, latin waltzes to gypsy carnival hayrides, urban mambo to Satie jazz. Most importantly Kotorino is looking to connect we people on a personal, emotional and musical level. There is no better way to make those connections than traveling, sharing food, story and song.

The Bodice RippersThe Bodice Rippers are based in Shadetree, in Oakland’s little-known 5th Ave Marina Arts district, and is comprised of members of Rube Waddell, The Apocalypse Puppet Theater, Knees and Elbows, and the various guises of The Reverend Screaming Fingers.

jessie roadkillJesse Roadkill’s murder ballads are best accompanied with a glass of red wine and a cold cut of meat. Make sure th lighting is at an earyly low set as her eyes are used to the cold unforgiving night. Prepare your ears for her stories by sharing in a joke, sharp and witty is best, and sipping upon whatever libation fits your mood best. She will spin her tales of laughter and betrayal while you sit back and bask in your good decision.

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