January through March 2013 Songbird Presents

 Large bird

Songbird Presents founder Momos Cheeskos will be in the nest working on her own music as well developing programming for Spring 2013 and forward. New events, seminars, workshops, social events will be added as they are confirmed! In the meantime for Jan-March keep your eyes peeled for new updates to this page and programming as well as For The Ears Volumes 1-3 and Bird Branch Interview Series.


Volume One:


Tunes for the ears Songbird Presents will be making a mix of new and old music each month by creating For the Ears Vol 1-12 mixes with various gen…res this year. Support these artists directly by purchasing their tunes directly from them.

Happy listening and feel free to suggest tracks for future For the Ears Volumes

Inspired by Tom Lanham list and the best of 2012 music

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