Early Songbird Presents Show at Amnesia on Saturday, October 6, 2012 – Fat Opie CD Release



Amnesia Music Hall  853 Valencia Street

5:30 -9 pm – $8-10 Cover

Fat Opie   







“We are pleased to announce the record release party for our fifth CD “Victoryville”. This will be a high energy, full electric band performance. Joining us onstage will be Tom Rhodes (guitar), Alex Jimenez (guitar) and Reem Regina Tatar (vocals). Also performing are KOFY BROWN (7:00PM) and MANA MADDY (6:00PM)” – Fat Opie

Scott Mickelson – vocals, guitar, banjo
Robin Hildebrant – bass, background vocals, Moog
Dave Tavel – drums, percussion

Lead by singer/songwriter Scott Mickelson, Bay Area band FAT OPIE continues to reinvent what can be termed “Americana”. From the modern, electrified dynamics of their third release Airstream to the all acoustic, live-performance record Otis, FAT OPIE continues to paint both musical and lyrical portraits of contemporary life as an American.

Successes include their song Bullets in My Briefcase winning a national band search sponsored by 7UP/SONICNET(MTV). This included a prize of $15,000. The song Mouth Like a Trucker was featured in the motion picture ALONG THE WAY.

The music stopped for several years when singer/songwriter Scott Mickelson became seriously ill. During that time bassist Robin Hildebrant began building his own recording studio. Inspired by the new possibilities, Mickelson started writing their strongest material to date. The first new single released New Orleans, led to an international distribution deal and a re-release of their growing catalogue.

Both FAT OPIE and Scott Mickelson solo perform regularly. Their fifth full-length cd Victoryville comes out in 2012 and is already being called their best work yet.


“It’s American folk-Rock with a post punk edge, rustic but scarred.” – Alternative Press Magazine

“Fat Opie’s music is so catchy and tight, it’s surprising the band is still playing venues as small as this one.” – San Francisco Weekly

“When punks do folk music: Fat Opie is Scott Mickelson, Robin Hildebrant, and Dave Tavel, and punk-folk, if that’s even possible, is how they sound. And by that I mean not just a punk band that went unplugged, but one that actually forged the gap into front-porch Americana and retained attitude.” – San Diego Reader

“While Fat Opie’s sweet-sounding American folk-rock hits are undeniably catchy, it’s the profound messages within them that have struck a chord with the band’s loyal followers. Like a modern day Woody Guthrie, Mickelson tackles America’s polarizing views of illegal immigration in “Crying in Spanish,” discusses living with depression in “Monster In The Room,” and even sings from the perspective of a window washer working in New York City after 9/11 in “Nicorette.” – Good Times Weekly (Santa Cruz)

“Fat Opie completes this trio of national-quality acts with a set of tunes that is more overtly rock even if they make use of banjos and mandolin. They successfully translate a modern sensibility.” – Willamette Weekly (Portland)

Hipsters, Freaks, Fags & Homeboys by Fat Opie. Rating: 5

This album entwines precision percussion, searing guitar, playful mandolin and banjo, meaty bass and soothsayer lyrics into a story of life. Could be anyone’s life. Probably is yours. Fat Opie followed up with an even more masterful endeavor – “Airstream”.

“Fat Opie is a punchy testament to good songwriting, solid and varied sonic textures and the importance of a record standing as a whole body of work.” – San Francisco Soundcheck

“Tight, catchy and tangy with twangy.” – Tucson Weekly


Said + Done (single)
New Orleans (single)
Hipsters, Freaks, Fags & Homeboys
A&R Unlimited’s Special Edition CD
Hurricane Healing Vol. 70
Hurricane Healing Vol. 67

Video: http://youtu.be/d5LS4UmvXlo


The Kofy Brown Band  








Kofy and her band the KBB are well known for their electrifying stage show which is full of priceless vitality. The music is a gratifying mix of cool soul, eclectic funk and moving lyrics.

Some of Kofy Brown’s credit include a nomination for best R&B album of the year, California Music Awards; MTV Commercial Promo “SNITCH”, songs on numerous independent films, Gypsy Boys, The Real Thing and the Showtime documentary Butch Mystique and the PBS documentary, “Breaking the Glass” to name a few. Kofy Brown has been written up in several national and international magazines including the Vibe Magazine, Oor Magazine (Netherlands), URB, and USA Today, as one of today’s emerging artist. She has also been featured at the prestigious North Sea Jazz Festival, Liberation Festival, Blue Balls Festival, and many other European and US festivals.

Her focus is derived from the fact that she is a self taught musician who learned her craft from playing in a family band throughout her childhood. A commanding stage performer, Kofy is an authentic talent who sings, produces and writes all of her own material. She also plays keyboards, guitar, bass and drums. Kofy’s voice is velvety and deep with an undercurrent of staccato urgency. It mesmerizes her audiences while simultaneously sending her message loud and clear. “I want people to feel good when they hear us play, or at least feel something…..music to me is about how it makes you emote as a person, that’s where I’m coming from as a performer and songwriter”

Kofy Brown is one of those rare artists with universal appeal. With heartfelt songs and an electrifying stage show, Kofy Brown has seduced audiences around the world with her unifying message of peace, purpose, hope and love. Kofy Brown- Love Warrior forever!

Kofy Brown featrued vocalist
Sean Leahy- Guitar
Bryan Dean- Bass
Tony Providence- Drums

Soul Rock- Full Length CD 2008
Stompin At The Paard- Live from the Netherlands- Full Length CD 2007
The Mecca Session- Live in SF- Full Length CD 2006
Love Warrior- Full Length CD 2004-2005
Area 32- Full Length CD 2001
Red- 12″ 2002
Lost & Looking- 12″ 2001
Skinny & Tight- Full Length CD 1999
Hungry- Full Length CD 1997
Live & Delicious- Full Length CD 1995
Can U Hear Me- 12″ 1996

Video: http://www.sonicbids.com/2/EPK/?epk_id=23432#video


Mana Maddy   

Multi-instrumentalist and songstress Madeline Streicek (“Mana Maddy”) was born in Quesnel, BC and has been an Oakland, CA local since 2006. Raised on a healthy diet of Maria Callas, Joni Mitchell and Bach suites, these roots show up in her songs as shades of classical, jazz and folk over a doo-wop canvas. Mana Maddy sings and plays piano or ukulele, backed by Mateo Lugo on electric guitar, Oscar Westesson on upright bass, Chris Lauf on drums and a rotating cast of backup vocalists.

“There’s a big Caribbean voice inside that tiny white Canadian.”
~Dennis Cook, JamBase.com

Video: http://youtu.be/eKToygzYy0E

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