7/26 – Sin and Sass – The Make Out Room

The Cat’s Pajamas presents “Sin & Sass” as part of the Songbird Festival – . The Festival takes flight in its second year by celebrating the collaboration of diverse local talent as well as honoring songbirds of the past. This show will honor all the dark, red glowed, lounged, shadowy and wicked corners of our city and our psyche. Come sip a martini and enjoy a spectacular evening of cabaret style sinning.


Mr Lucky…: Lounge performer extraordinaire who needs no irony nor does he engage in kitsch, his style and music is all original and done with a wink and a nod to the murkier side of swing. “Always dressed to the 9’s in 40’s and 50’s fine fashions, Mr. Lucky is known for being at the forefront of the swing revival in San Francisco… An actor, poet, and painter in addition to his musical work, Mr. Lucky is that rare quadruple threat.” – The Laughing Squid’s Tentacles Session Program, March, 2000

Ramshackle Romeos – A saw, an acoustic guitar and what sounds like a kazoo, yet the music of this diabolical duo feels like the warm glow of a cafe table candle and swells as rich as the finest bathtub gin. They have livened up the back alley venues of this city for years and are sure to tickle your fancy and make your horns shinier.

Cabaret Nouveaux with Allison Lovejoy: Allison Lovejoy is a classical pianist, cabaret performer, composer, and teacher based in San Francisco.She has performed internationally as a soloist, chamber musician, and accompanist. Her insightful and passionate performances have received wide acclaim, and her varied repertoire highlights virtuoso works of the late 19th and early 20th century. She has also been recording an album of her original “Cabaret Nouveau” music. But you will get to hear it live, old style croons and vistas with a shocking and sassy twist. And if you are lucky you will get to hear an excerpt or two of Lovejoy’s Rock Opera- The Seven Deadly Pleasures. her talent is not to be missed and she will bring the house down with her seductively intelligent compositions that would make even the devil blush. http://www.allisonlovejoy.com/

Dusty Rose: Dusty Rose is an ex-school teacher turned pixie. To salvage what remained after the soul-eating public school system, she abandoned career, home, and family to pursue poetics full time. With a BA in Literature from UC Berkeley, five years of teaching experience and a pile of tattered journals, Dusty Rose dove into the slam world full time last year. Since then she hascompeted regularly at bay area slams, qualified for team semi-finals in Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco and just completed a 9 month tour of the US and Canada with highlights in Vancouver, Chicago’s Green Mill, University of Maryland, Orlando’s Broken Speech, and Humboldt State University. Dusty Rose released two albums in 2008 with fellow poet and vagabond, Baraka Noel, as mumbles and the Dust. Her work drips with candied images for your mind; close your eyes… she will make love to you and that is a metaphor.

Linda Robertson: That infamous member of The Trifles, a multilayered
melange of odd-shaped bits that stick in your throat and make you want to sing for joy! She has also written the popular book, “What Rhymes with Bastard”, plays with Cotton Candy and makes shocking appearances in Stars and Garters – that is when she is not healing the sick.  http://www.myspace.com/thetrifles

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