Saturday, March 24, 2012 – Amnesia Late Show – Makru Musica, Ye Ye Suarez and The Anita Lofton Project

Songbird Presents:

Late Show at Amnesia – Saturday, March 24, 2012

Late Show at Amnesia Music Hall  853 Valencia Street –

10 pm – Close

$7-10 Cover


Makru Musica


Landing in San Francisco from different parts of the world, various characters got together for different motives, goals and because it had to be that way, at the end of 2008 the became Makrú, a musical tool to express their points of view, ideals and support the causes they believe in, chasing equality and unifying people along the way . With influences of anything that can shake it Soul, Makrú sounds like smashing the earth and play it on a record player. Diana Gameros from Mexico, an amazing voice trained in Mexico & U.S, also an incredible composer and guitarist. Raúl Vargas from Madrid, fed by Spanish art and at the age of 20 left to collect music and knowledge around the world learning, guitar, cajón,, different percussions, didjeridoo, and more… with his compadre Javi Monge, from Barcelona who ended up in la Habana, Cuba dedicated to percussion under the wing of Yaroldi Abreu the amazing percussionist for Chucho Valdés among others. Vinicio Peñate raised equally In U.S and El Salvador brings the Cumbia-reggae-rock flavor that fits perfectly with the Californian drum set of Bob Sanders, who didn’t have enough and got himself also into flamenco guitar world. All this highlighted by the magical flute and melódica of, the called “Fantasma”. Issac Weiser, multi instrumentalist, born surrounded by musicians in Washington State U.S


YeYe Suarez         

Songstress and dancing storyteller Johanna Suarez “YeYe” is first and foremost a living being just like you. Probably with very different characteristics, but in essence one breathing being. What she does is rooted in community leadership and organizing to promote family and youth participation in their communities. As an interdisciplinary artist and arts-educator she incorporates traditional dance and music from the African Diaspora in Latin America, original poetry, theater and lyrical compositions into a performing journey of emotions in search of collective healing and unification.

Her work researches the importance on understanding roots and ancestry while creating history for the generations to come. The inspiration of her work is deeply rooted on women of color, immigrant life stories and the African Diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean. She collaborates with various artists of all age ranges, musical genres and artistic talents. YeYe’s lyrical and melodical compositions are complemented by the incredible musical arrangements done by prestigious musicians such as Braulio Barrera, Felipe Pumarada, Miguelito Martinez, Diana Gameros, Jeremy Allen, Viviana Guzman and Miton Villeda.

 The Anita Lofton Project









 Anita Lofton
With her former rock trio Sistas In the Pit,  she toured China and Europe, and took an infamous national tour supporting a certain James “Iggy Pop” Osterberg and the Stooges during that band’s reunion in 2007. She claims to have “traded in her Marshall half stack and Epiphone semi hollow body casino for a microphone and an Epiphone acoustic guitar,” yet she’s got the rock in her blood. With Anita’s new minimal and acoustic approach she expresses a new direction in songwriting that is as candid, earnest, cool and assertive while seeking greater understanding of others and cloaking sentiment in attitude. Her newest creation is The Anita Lofton Poject, an all brown girl stringed instrument band that plays Neo-Black-Folk, and they rock!



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