Saturday, March 5, 2011 – Public Works Presents – Mission United:

What does a night club have in common with SFSMILES? 
A lot, as it turns out, which is why we are currently forging a unique and symbiotic relationship with one.

Public Works Presents
Mission United:
“A party celebrating all things Mission”

Saturday, March 5th 8 pm – 2 am

  Public Works presents an 8 hour fundraiser celebrating the melting-pot neighborhood,
San Francisco’s Mission district.
Cherry-picking some of the best in music, performance, art, fashion and food,
Mission United brings the sights and sounds of our favorite ‘hood under one roof.

Proceeds of the event to benefit:
Dr. Rick/ SF General Hospital
Psychiatric Department Volunteer & Rehab Services

Root Division


* For $5 admission, FREE FOOD & DRINK SPECIALS (between 8pm and 10pm) click “attending” on Facebook! *

Like SFSMILES, Public Works is committed to the San Francisco community, and regularly donates a portion of their proceeds to various local non profits, in addition to assisting them with promotions and events.  They have asked SFSMILES for ideas, help connecting with local charities, and occasional support for charitable events at their venue.  Of course we are thrilled to help, as Public Works already has a huge following, which means not only more visibility for SFSMILES,  but increased public awareness of the many clients we serve. Watch out for upcoming SFSMILES donation drives and fundraisers, brought to you by Public Works! 

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