12/27 – Local Slice Recommendation – The Cat’s Pajamas Presents

The Cat’s Pajamas presents an American Pop Parable.

Monday, December 27, 2010

3225 22nd Street
San Francisco, CA 94110-3006
(415) 647-2888

A night of story telling, blessings, words, and the Amazing Cameron Ochs band. All manner of the American story will be told and we will be prepping you for the New year with some deep, soulful, wild tales.

Performers: Mamacoatl, DeCoy Gallerina, Alan Kaufman, Jelal Hyler, Julie Indelicato, Cameron Ochs Band.

MamaCoAtl Chantiko~ She is a fierce force for change and continues to …make this city wake up, shake off its fog and start soul expressing.

“From seductress to revolutionary to Earth Mother San Francisco-based singer MamaCoAtl is a performer unafraid to sing and speak about our turbulent times. Her sharp lyrics are social commentary laced with poems and prayers. She brings the altar to the kitchen and cooks a multicultural stew, fusing songs made out of spoken word, bilingual blues, and the secret ingredient; “jazzmientos.” At her outstanding debut at La Peña’s Hecho en Califas Festival in 2006, MamacoAtl’s stage presence mesmerized the audience who responded with a spontaneous standing ovation.” LA PEŇA Who is MamaCoAtl? From Blues to Son, to Funk to Poetry, MamaCoAtl has worked the stage from San Francisco to Cusco, from Performance Art and Installation to Butoh, Ritual, Musical Theater, and Cabaret. She has collaborated with diverse projects such as Rwanda Women’s stories of survival, and La Mama de Bogota en “Superacion” for San Francisco International Festival.

Alan Kaufman~Not only is one of the most genuine marvelous people in the city doing so much to keep the arts raw and alive, he is in wikipedia!

Kaufman is the editor of many anthologies, including The Outlaw Bible of American Literature, which was reviewed on the cover of the New York Times Book Review and The New Generation:Fiction For Our Time From America’s Writing Programs. His anthology, The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry The final entry of the Outlaw anthologies trilogy, The Outlaw Bible of American Essays, appeared on bookshelves during the Fall of 2006. He is also the author of a volume of poetry, ‘Who Are We?’

Kaufman has taught in the graduate and undergraduate schools of the Academy of Art University and in writing workshops in San Francisco. His work has appeared in Salon, The Los Angeles Times, Partisan Review, Tel Aviv Review, San Francisco Examiner, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Kaufman himself has been widely anthologized, most recently in “Nothing Makes You Free: Writings From Descendants of Holocaust Survivors (TimeBeing Books)” (WW Norton) and Blood To Remember:American Poets On The Holocaust.

We are very honored to have him at the Cat’s Pajamas.

DeCoy Gallerina~ She is an amazing performance artist, activist and story teller. She recently did an art installation as part of the city hall ceremony for ending violence against women. She performed in the POW!POW!POW! festival and has shocked and stunned crowds with her powerful delivery of words. They leave reeling and altered-for the better. She will bring us stories of Coyote so get ready for the spirits to come in. It is our greatest pleasure to have the joy of her performance on the stage.

Jelal Huyler ~ He started poeticizing some

time ago and realized that it was the only thing he should really ever do… forever. So,

he does. Most of what he writes is only heard or read by a close circle of lunatics

but some things that he has written have earned him titles such as co-host of the Golden

State Slam, Sole host of his own venue (The Mix @ L’amyx),

2010 Berkeley GrandSlam

Champion, Youth Speaks PoetMentor(which means he be teaching the kids and what

not), Mixdeded Milano Cookie Muthafucka, and also Existential Bandit (which is really

just what he has in this moment entitled himself). He also has a hat fetish. His head needs

at least one to make love to per day. If asked about his titles and of which he is proudest, hewill undoubtedly reply “the one my momma gave me, my name.”

Cameron Ochs Band~So excited to have them. i am now her biggest fan. All too recently, this melodically-driven, little blonde began blending the classic feel of early American music (Folk, early Country/Western, Soul) with the sweet shine of Pop. Her storyteller lyrics walk a romantic line between worldly wisdom and Disney charm, and judging by her fan base this sort of thing appeals to all of us.

Camaron Ochs’ debut album “Heartforward” (Jan 2010) was released in front of a sold-out audience at Red Devil Lounge in San Francisco. Just a month after the release, the record’s first single “You Were Late” began spinning on San Francisco’s KFOG, shortly followed by live appearances on Napa’s KVYN and Pescadero’s KPDO. Critics have acknowledged her as a “local gem” with a “velvet touch”, applauding the record and commending its “pretty vocals, charming lyrics… Heartforward is classic singer/songwriter stuff.” She was voted “Artist of the Month” by an SF Deli Magazine fan poll and has been featured in the SF Bay Guardian, East Bay Express, Lamorinda Weekly, San Jose Mercury News and more. She has played well-known stages all over the Western US such as The Venetian, Cafe Du Nord, and Crane’s Hollywood Tavern (Tour 2010).


Julie Indelicato~ She’s a poet, a songwriter, a singer with Fox & Woman, is a member of the SF underground, the 16th street Mission mighty madness and is rocking her own unique musical power with a kind of style that moves and amazes. “girls wear pink and boys wear blue. i wear black. because I like it. girls play with dolls and boys play with things with engines. my dolls survived plane crashes and set up new civilizations on uninhabited islands, building vehicles and shelter from mostly destroyed plane parts. girls are sweet and boys are tough but anyone’s skin is baby soft underneath all the layers we’re raised to believe in.”

Read more: Julie Indelicato’s Page – dreadlocks forums http://http://www.dreadlockssite.com/profile/JulieIndelicato#ixzz182R77tgz

American Pop:

As this show will be celebrating all the different cultures that have influenced America over the years and continue to infuse this strange tapestry with vibrant beauty. We will be showing the film American Pop. A 1981 American animated film directed by Ralph Bakshi. The film tells the story of four generations of a Russian Jewish immigrant family of musicians whose careers parallel the history of American popular music. The majority of the film’s animation was completed through rotoscoping, a process in which live actors are filmed and the subsequent footage is used for animators to draw over. However, the film also uses a variety of other mixed media including water colors, computer graphics, live action shots, and archival footage. and be having story tellers, music and poets bring you tales from their distinct and moving adventures.

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