11/30 – Local Slice Recommendations – SeaweedSway Presents: SONYA COTTON, THE RED RIVER & AYLA NEREO of Beatbeat Whisper

Photo by Adam Aufdencamp

Tuesday November 30th
SeaweedSway Presents:



(on tour from Long Beach, in support of new album Little Songs),


AYLA NEREO of Beatbeat Whisper

~an EARLY show at Viracocha~

Address: 998 Valencia St. @ 21st

Cost: $7-15 suggested donations at the door

Venue: http://viracochasf.com

RSVP on facebook: http://on.fb.me/nov30redriver

Time: 7:30pm doors / 8-11pm showtime

Press Inquiries (including ticket giveaways), please contact Jessie Woletz, seaweedsway@gmail.com (415) 515-7604

The Red River is on tour, in support of their new album, Little Songs about the Big Picture, and the songs are really really good. You can hear them all at http://www.braverecs.com/rrpress and read their bio, which basically suggests they are a big exquisite band of especially neat people, who see music as a way of life, to be integrated into and inspired from everyday happenings. Sonya Cotton & Ayla Nereo are local musicians who will play after & before The Red River, at the beautiful antique store in the heart of the mission. Sonya’s latest album is coincidentally called The Red River as well, so it’s a serendipitous occasion for her to play with The Red River. It will be a night of cozy sweet soulful spirit-lifting music. Ayla Nereo will likely be showing stop-motion projections (http://www.vimeo.com/1488779) during her set, and it will be the debut of hand-harvested seaweed actually being available for sale at SeaweedSway shows!

Labeled “The Frida Khalo of songwriting,” Sonya’s compositions are deeply personal, drawing upon her dreams, family, and love; they often come from a place of profound reverence for the natural world and the creatures of the earth. “Sonya Maria Cotton … is a really damn fine singer.” –Pitchfork

THE RED RIVER (Long Beach)
http://www.braverecs.com/rrpress hear the songs from their new album, “Little Songs”, here

Little Songs about the Big Picture
Living in apartments in and around Long Beach for the last six or so years, our band has always featured prominently in the landscape of our lives. Jobs, roommates, plans were always changing, but summer always seemed to bring another road trip disguised as a tour, and new songs found their way out. Even when we weren’t recording or playing shows, our coffee table managed to stay covered with half-assembled, hand-drawn CDs, our equipment precariously piled in every bit of free floor space. I’d wake up in the mornings to Bill singing in the bathroom. It was all part of our home.

Still, it has always seemed to me that music was only a small part of (to borrow Snyder’s phrase) the real work of our band. Mike learning the names of all the trees in his hometown, Allison and Kate learning to rollerblade, Sumner filling a room with giant paper cranes, Manny and I always playing the same Beach Boys songs on the jukebox at O’Connell’s, Alyssa cutting Bill’s hair, Dave standing up so straight when he reads his poems, Allen singing Smokey Robinson in his car, Matt doing handstands. Playing catch on the beach, eating breakfast together at Eggs Etc., driving to the mountains, doing our jobs, napping by the window, everyone always trying to pay for each other even though none of us can ever even afford to pay for ourselves. All of that, the music, everything else. There are way more of us than have ever picked up an instrument or sung with us.

Before Thanksgiving dinner last year, at the head of a table occupied by a handful of the people I love most in the world, Manny said a grace that maybe sums it all up better than I can: “Dear whatever, on this world or a world beyond: The mornings are the hardest. But by evening we’ve usually made plans, and with them come our little and big joys. Thanks for letting us savor them in what time we have with each other, and thank you for everyone here. Amen.”

AYLA NEREO (of Beatbeat Whisper)
Ayla Nereo came from the hills of Sonoma County, a child grown on blackberries and books. The lines of vision and waves of hearing brushed her shoulder one day, and it started to come out as music. … Ayla and brother Davyd (of That Blasted Hound) play together as Beatbeat Whisper. … Keep an eye to the sky and an ear to the sounds around… There is a revolution of conscious hearing, a casting-off of bitter judgment, and it’s in your eyes.
“Ayla Nereo’s voice was shocking in its starkness, beautiful.” ~ Tiny Mix Tapes
“With the pared down sound, her voice blossoms.” ~ The Bay Bridged
“The stories weaved from the loom of Ayla’s mind are gloriously sweet, childhood myths and memories…” ~ The Deli SF

SeaweedSway is an evolving project by Jessie Woletz & friends, with an intention to encourage, cultivate, & support community through music, yoga, & nature events. SeaweedSway presents & promotes music shows & events, featuring musicians & artists who share similar creative intentions. SeaweedSway was a term first used by Karl Blau & Jessie to describe the way people danced during BrightBlack Morning Light at a Great American Music Hall show, then it became a list of recommended events in the Bay Area. Get updates of future events & stay connected through the links below:

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